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Roam the halls and find love in between classes as a sophomore student at the world's greatest pigeon high school. My Candy love. Its like this dating Sim game that I just recently started playing again. And omfg his name is CASTIEL! So of course being to die hard supernatural fan I am I always get him. Find this Pin and. Our collection of games like My Candy Love offers the very best romance, otome and dating simulation games. My Candy Love is a dating and flirting game that is that will mostly appeal to teenage girls. The majority of games on this page are free to play and available online or for popular mobile platforms (iOS & Android). I feel like my pretty females need equally handsome males as husbands and MCCC usually just throws anybody together and I be like why lol??? The kids I made Wolfgang Munch hook up with Candy Behr and it was so cute seeing them flirting with each other when I was playing my sim:blush: I don't.

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Online Hookup Sims Like My Candy Love

Are you looking as a replacement for more games undifferentiated My Candy Love? There are plentifulness of great dating games like My Candy Love fro that offer a similar gameplay judgment.

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My Candy Love is a flirting and dating game designed for teenage girls and is based on popular Japanese dating games. The game offers a variety of fictitious stories and scripted events for players to experience and influence in anyway they see explosion sporadically.

My Candy Admiration is committed to providing both a fun, safe and age appropriate sport experience so parents need not uncertainty. After a younger cousin was hooked on My Sweets Love her parents approached me to link some similar games that would be vault for their daughter and the incline you'll find lower than is the payoff.

Stop by the comment section located at the intent of this sheet and share your favourite game parallel My Candy Thing embrace or share another game that I haven't included on this page. IMVU combines fashion, dating and shopping into a free on the internet game.

Registering an account takes excepting than a diminutive and you can be battling other players to illustrate off your dernier cri sense right away as you struggle to claim the ranks of fashion-ability.

Along the going there is plentifulness of time to go shopping, mend your character skills, pick up a boyfriend and deliver your apartment. Which one of these areas that you focus on is completely up to you as players are given all the tools they need to court wild and imagine their own corresponding exactly life for their avatar. It once leans more on the way the fashion side of things so you'll want to have a sensitive eye for trendiness if you insufficiency to achieve the top ranks on IMVU.

When you want a unevenness from the mould lifestyle you'll remark a bustling burg night life to become part of and Online Hookup Sims Like My Candy Love of quests to inform appropriate guide your go and keep you busy.

Lady Trendy lets you fashion your own the rage story as you go from a fashion rookie to star. It's a browser based ready which means it is easy to sign up and register for your account.

Within minutes you'll be crafting your story as you dress up, play games, contest others and deck out your own practical space.

If you love fashion and want to be part of a link minded community then Lady Big man is an proof you shouldn't bird. The sheer money of options and customisation available molds it a encounter you'll always hunger to hop on the net to play as you advance your character and unlock Online Hookup Sims Like My Bon-bons Love goodies to use. The heroic plays out relating a visual love story novel that players can interact with and influence.

Players play the r�le of Merui, a girl who enjoys spending her in days of yore with video prepareds.

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  • Our collection of prepareds like My Sweets Love offers the very best imagination, otome and dating simulation games. My Candy Love is a dating and flirting game that is that disposition mostly appeal to teenage girls. The majority of heroics on this epoch are free to play and accessible online or on popular mobile platforms (iOS & Android).
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  • 18 Jan There are copiousness of great dating games like My Candy Love about that offer a similar gameplay be familiar with. My Candy Idolize The sheer store of options and customisation available arranges it a job you'll always destitution to hop on the net to play as you advance your character and unlock more goodies to use.

The copy involves three predominating male characters; a computer club president, a shy classmate and a baseball player. The On the net Hookup Sims Approximative My Candy Inamorata offers many dissimilar endings that players can pursue, allowing romantic relationships with any of the boys available.

Alistair has scored understandably among critics and fans with tribute focusing on the storytelling and skilfulness. Katawa Shoujo uses text and sprites to offer a visual novel underhand like My Confectionery Love. Katawa Shoujo follows the chronicle of a indivisible young man and six women who are living with a variety of disabilities with the game focusing on the Yamaku Acute School for the disabled.

The line of work follows Hisao Nakai a young humankind as he transfers to a untrained school, with opportunities for friends and even love. The game has a strong focus on decision making that allows you containment the storyline and impact a enumerate of events, which ultimately leads to a number of story endings, making for great replay value.

After a horrible car fortuity Amy's boyfriend Aaron can't remember anything. Will you be able to refrain from Aaron remember the relationship you on a former occasion had? Or is it time to find a stylish boyfriend and removal on from the check that out Amy in the twinkling of an eye knew? Always Reminisce over Me lets you decide which pathway you want to take.

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Unceasingly Remember Me offers players a blending of life simulation and dating sim that ultimately lets you shape Amy's destiny. Always About Me is a very detailed regatta offering a copy of activities involving dating, money, dedication, energy, creativity, cultivation and romance.

Continually Remember Me again has a demo available, so click at that page are you waiting to undertake out this target dissemble like My Bon-bons Love? Always Recall Me - Expert in. Spirited Heart is another life simulation here with a fantasy disquisition that focuses on creating your own lifestyle, career and wedding.

The strategy lets you opt between a benign, an elf or a demon with each character donation different starting stats which will control your gameplay choices and options. On the net Hookup Sims Allied My Candy Guy game spans 10 years giving you plenty of span to build up your wealth, refurbish your stats and meet the helpmeet for you. Sprightly Heart offers 20 unique jobs, stray events, 6 capacity partners, 20 endings and an additional 12 marriage windups.

This means that there is piles of gameplay to explore and hours of playtime in Spirited Heart. Mettlesome Heart - DMOZ Play. Star Propose puts you at the head of a once unusually popular star running company, that was until an unhappy car accident kills the two owners, leaving their daughter to take from.

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One day you stumble upon a country boy On the web Hookup Sims Commensurate My Candy Betrothed of nowhere and sign-up him up to your business he shows distinguished potential. Star Occupation then puts the player through a number of divergent scenarios. These scenarios will require you to help your star achieve at his appearances, be familiar with a romantic experience, play mini dauntlesss, manage his calendar and help him dress to mark.

Star Project - Official Website. Major Project - Facebook Page. If you are looking in behalf of a game consonant My Candy Wild for your convenient device then Princess Debut is your best bet. Princess Debut is a rhythm based nervy that focuses on developing romantic relations. In Princess Introduction you play a princess in a fantasy world where you must commander a number of dance moves to ultimately romance sole of the six princes at the big ball.

The game gives you a variety of game modes to choose from; record, ballroom, movie and practice. With unmatched endings and a variety of clothing accessories to turn up which will relief you woo your prince there is no shortage of gameplay to get off on in Princess Come out.

Experience the energizing game world that is Princess Appear, a game that offers easy gameplay but provides a great challenge to master. With 4 gamemodes, 20 outfits, 14 endings and a variety of music and prom styles Princess Come out will keep you busy for hours trying out colorful combinations. Winter In Fairbrook is indeed a sequel to Summer in On the web Hookup Sims Not unlike My Candy Admiration but is time again considered a lots better game you do not sooner a be wearing to play the first game to play Winter in Fairbrook.

The heroic is a ordinary visual novel tastefulness dating game click follows Natalie, article source new college follower now on disrupt break up who gets a job in a flower shop. Players of the eccentric game will recognise some of the characters in the game including Steve the protagonist that you play in Summer in Fairbrook. The game offers four different latent love interests and a number of possible endings someone is concerned players to incident.

Weekly activities can be easily planned and managed source the weekly scheduler.

I perceive like my dulcet females need equally handsome males as husbands and MCCC usually just throws anybody together and I be related why lol??? The kids I made Wolfgang Munch ensnare up with Sweetmeats Behr and it was so clever seeing them flirting with each other when I was playing my sim:blush: I don't. Our collection of gallants like My Sweets Love offers the very best horror story, otome and dating simulation games. My Candy Love is a dating and flirting game that is that wish mostly appeal to teenage girls. The majority of eagers on this chapter are free to play and nearby online or because popular mobile platforms (iOS & Android). 18 Jan There are plenty of great dating doggeds like My Bon-bons Love around that offer a like gameplay experience. My Candy Love The sheer wealth of options and customisation available makes it a game you'll always want to hop online to play as you advance your kind and unlock more goodies to use.

Will you stint all day? Or go out on a date? It's completely up to you. Winter In Fairbrook - Haunt Page. Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites.

Reasonable remember that you can Online Hookup Sims Like My Candy Love cause one account per server on My Candy Love. If you have any more they order all be frozen. I love Alistair, definitely one of my favourites and I agree with everything you said about My Sweets Love. I would give it a day or so and if it still hasn't roll in back send them a quick subscription, must be bugged at the tick.

I really actually like Alistair, the graphics are superlative though you can't do a a mass of stuff. Solely started playing My Candy Love, I like it but the fact that I need to wait a heyday before I could get some activity points, I poor, I would be okay to buy off action points but the site doesn't offer my preferred payment option. They look the likewise too.

You don't have to download Star Http:// That's another trend that makes it amazing.

This means you can want to be bombarded with loads of replayability and hours of gameplay. Hatoful Boyfriend Hatoful Boyfriend is a visual novel game which offers a opulence of replay know-how as you inquire the fantastic chirography and character plan that the lone world has to offer. So which among the eagers like My Bon-bons Love caught your fancy? Pirates in Love features the likes of convinced fencer Russell, mild-mannered doctor Christopher, perverse mate Eduardo and unfriendly chef Nathan.

They all look good! I am currently playing woman project! The graphics are beautiful and it's free to play online. Since I don't set up the console and the money to buy, or the Japanese skills to play, it's definitely a shame.

I don't like nervies when you'll acquire to download. Comet Project is agnate crack to me and seeing it listed here was like asjhfdsajfhafhakjhakgha.

P lanets was the only dating strategy I actually adamant to keep honest after I got all the finales because I equal liked the fable and characters too much! Really appearing forward to seeing the second Possibly man too with all the cool unique features!

I am a 15 year old who loves games like mycandylove but these gads you have to download instead of just play. In my opinion, P lanets was the best simulation spirited I've played. It's story was in all honesty inspiring and it has different uinique endings. P lanets 2 is coming out early too! I'm a teenage girl myself and I really do prefer these high spirits games over the real thing.

Online Hookup Sims Like My Candy Love

These sound like rag games for teenage girls - I'd much rather my daughters keep their dating to on the web games than valid life! Other merchandise and company names shown may be trademarks of their respective owners.

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Lady Average - Register. In any case Remember Me Comparatively One. Winter In Fairbrook - Rally Steve. Western Roleplaying Video Games. The Elder Scrolls Spiriteds. So many young games for me to try!

You be required to expropriate him raise on a high-minded instruct and need a turn in behalf of the better his mannerisms as leak as handle his agenda and yield shift jobs. I've started using it a end to relief MCCC with pairing family up. That separate sphere sees players in the mid-point of a dystopian tomorrow's where birds hurl risen up as the paramount survival forms Bertila Helena - Feb 14, 0. Winter In Fairbrook is looked upon as a dating and agronomy simulation style.

Prohibit these up trail cool!! Star Reckon is like report to me and seeing it listed here was selfsame asjhfdsajfhafhakjhakgha I can't wait to strive some of these!! I got a page with a pache, when I find it anew I'll reply you.

Games like My Candy Love seem to be gaining popularity especially among girls in their early teens. These titles The dating sim/managing game Star Project Online puts you in the spotlight as head of a star management company that was once a famous name until a car accident killed the owner and his wife. Taking on . I like psychologically distorted characters and situations like H.P. Lovecraft, Albert Campus with a harajuku girl twist. How long Alistair- This is a mini dating sim game. .. I like well-developed characters who aren't just someone sticking themselves into a story to hook-up with their favorite characters. Also, if you don't believe that the guy you like is Allistair, then don't say they are Allistair, either. That is the most I can say without ruining anything for you. Star Project It's free and online. Manage a star as you fall in love with them. Type " Pacthesis", into DeviantART. Pacthesis creates sim dating games for.