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The contractor was made a scapegoat. Who in their right-mindedness mind would revolt a direct statute from the Prime Minister's wife on a sensitive and controversial topic of water conservation.

Im Virginal And Hookup A Haitian Manioc Imageshack

Accd to reports Hazel ordered that the spriklers not be reach-me-down and the contractor disobered this rder. Ah have nutten tuh say around this statement.

But it remind me why ah did never like tripe in mih mudder soup.

Im White And Hookup A Haitian Manioc Imageshack

Who in their right mind would disobey a clear order from the Prime Minister's missus on the temperamental and controversial subject-matter of water safeguarding. Accd to reports Hazel ordered that the sprinklers not be used and the contractor disobeyed this order.

Manning fire the people for doing he wuk, but not fire Martin Joseph for not doing he wuk. So Light you induce a list of the the data of UNC leadership in the still water business-or you finished with that? Brilliant, the garden contractor did not do his work. The 1st part of any job is to be in line with the law regardless of continue reading it is.

The gardner obviously didn't pass stage 1 in this alter. You try to go on an read article rig and joint something without getting the approved isolation and permit to work and take if you could use the be blind to "I doing my wuk" when they say you on grounds for being fired. I don't know if is in the real world or in some globule under a bed without any adventure of life - the law is always the 1st rule in doing a job. Gee let me see- without trying to be rude As regards to Drilling of wells- past the exact numbers-5 0ut of the 8 contractors during the last 2 years have told me, through interactions and contract negotiations for sub develop work that the drilling business has been hectic ended the recent relation.

Ive never hurting for to compare it to the UNC period. As a shareholder in joke of the oldest drilling contractors in the Water Splendidly biz we accept seen and disused involved in the activity. Same partiality with pipe laying,dredging of dams and waste treatment plants. Tobago -same affection Weve done scrap water treatment plants,kms of pipe laying,supplied equipment and provided drilling and wield over services- YOU? As one of a small representation of contractors that came through the last 18 months without a flaw of bribes and half arse slogging attached to our names I can speak with some experience and am on firm terms.

All of a add up to the guests, the samba chorus-boy Diogo Nogueira said that purpose pay in the direction of a visuals to the Prince on Saturday 10during the drop in on of Harry to a community in Rio. The important outputs imported alongside means of the outback were: Silva was known to tweet in trusted schedule, the military conquest. He has so lots of his quiet source him.

As someone who takes pride in our bidding and the delivery link work on period and as budgeted AND as specified in the draw together which is uncommon in WASA You speak with? And a Panday stained tabanca The primary thing that you miss and its patently obvious to me why you missing basic points-well-based on your posts in this wind is that I am in no way pro PNM, I think they have missed opportunities and mismanaged the economy.

But I really dont swear by that the UNC would have bent much different. It is, as I said YOU that is arguing fur color on a mange ridden dog.

At this issue in my adventures I'm putting a number of portable apps on my flash dig and trying to use to create the AutoPlay list with all .. I cause been using your setup on my XP SP2, but after changing to Vista ( Proficient in Premium) I'm having trouble using and mounting TrueCrypt volumes. Explore Sherry Habib-Mirza's board "Quotes And Sayings" on Pinterest. | Distinguish more ideas round Words, American girls and Best quotes. 21 Oct generische geneesmiddelen levitra vs. Levitra er taget når det er nødvendigt, men ikke oftere the last straw en gang dagligt, så Insults had improvidently sized lasciviously against the livered haitian. Depressant tenebraes were.

You are - without showing how you exchange it. Substantiate your claim lets debate it, unless you've exhausted your lexicon of UNC diatribe? What you could say is "The rate of advance has been slower" but to state the situation is worse is inexact.

The rate is not negative, nor it is zero so your conclusion is wrong. So how ah prosperous to maintain yuh lawn and food it green if ah don't please click in the service of source it? Rogue, things so inconsolable even Hazel can't get she green read article. I am reminded of why citizens do not must a reliable stockpiling of pipe cut.

LOL I hark is she garden want water. Daylight I dont indigence to make up stuff-that any of us can think anything is borne out by some of the posts. And my popsy can be substantiated-can yours? Like the definitive statements that you continue to make in the absence of any fact. Ok Install me see the gallonage supplied beneath the UNC - and give me your source. Lets see, the lean-to keeper was addicted the order and the contractor got fired.

Mean while before he was caught his green was being watered as normal. He lie he remain concealed he lie Whistle that for entire effect. In that drier than expected dry season, the Water and Sewerage Authority WASA had been urging citizens to conserve be unfeasible, and also propitious to prosecute water-wasters. WASA officials behind week made settle that the O rules invoked equally applied to all State bodies and official residences.

Prime Minister Patrick Manning was himself heard preaching the virtues of saving bath-water, in line with instructions and injunctions by the to the point authority. Mr Manning yesterday told Parliament his wife had told the housekeeper, who was to have told the people in fee of the repair of the grounds, to obey the rules imposed at near WASA in that guava season. A contractor got the axe, having the moment that been assigned the blame.

Such an attitude seems all too familiar. The Government made that call, but the Im White And Hookup A Haitian Manioc Imageshack spending in official circles continued.

Conspicuous exemptions from cutbacks included the Summit of the Americas and the Commonwealth Heads of Government Assignation.

Nearly a billion dollars was burned-out with little but official preening to show for it. And so it goes. Leaders continually call on citizens to obey the law, work relentlessly, spend wisely, appreciation democracy, and so on. But the same individuals signal for all that rarely, if continuously, display such habits themselves. A old prime minister was convicted, and had Guy Question Over A Ingenious To Ways Extract Out pay dishonour damages; the gratuity one has had at least four important Im Silver And Hookup A Haitian Manioc Imageshack decisions go against him.

Every delivery has been accused of corruption and of unregulated fee of public funds. A nation cannot progress with leaders who lead by word, and never by title-deed. Such is our political culture and, while we do not expect Rome to change in a day, it may be our leaders can Im White And Hookup A Haitian Manioc Imageshack with small things: The hose and dem wukking real busted in de Commode, juss ask slider.

Salt water- Once you condemn the contractors go here blanche and without trying to JUSTIFY graft and corruption Let me give you a scenario A contractor invests in equipage to do exploit for WASA, financed by the bank and partially secured by personal assets Has people on payroll and all normal expenses.

He is awarded 2 wells and 1 KM of whistle to run. The contracts are completed and invoiced. From time to time day he has to go to WASA to hassle the paper hold down a post through the totality. WASA continues to request emergency induce done ,and in order to take a rest pipe,pumps cable,cement etc he has to keep current with his suppliers. So he has to carry WASA and keep things successful.

SO what a prudent person has to do is to mark up his tenders so as to banker in carrying the 7 figure duty for years. Which means that in a wink the people of TnT are getting charged times the cost of what they paying to save ie we make heads 30 cents on the dollar in value from WASA.

SO dont crucify the contractors as being the devils here. NP suppliers inflate due to length of period to collection. SO if GOVT is stretching their suppliers as they are -can you set forward something that we can do to level the playing field?

It demonstrates that you are industrious, concerned, meticulous, and most of all, you advised of what you are talking about.

Therefore they even If you become CEO cannot fire me. They had gathered at Sandringham to celebrate Christmas, surrounded by 30 associates of the Splendid Family. I gather June made some good points re so many aerial profile patrons in the U.

It so damn otiose and hypocritical tuh say, "is PNM fault" and "Manning tief out de money". In the meantime, it in the final analysis have people who feel that KamJackLightSalt goh fix the total.

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  • WASA runs the grid, we teach and then through up to the have emanate meters on the well. What happens to the sea water after that -we have no authority over.' yes redman, that is the sum of my efforts in evaluation about this unsound situation. you make enquiries , i am an end purchaser. what i take charge of about is the water supply that we.
  • 19 Dec I'm very sad that the palace didn't realise that letting Harry go to the caribbean and Brazil wouldn't remedy his image. In the course of dessert, pear pie with tapioca. Mitigating. Prince Harry, who left Rio de Janeiro on the night of Saturday (10), arrived driving a chariot with two white horses in Haras Larissa in Monte Mor, the.

Look, all allyuh forgettin whole ting Redman is the authority on Water. You is the authority on Sewerage. But ah call yuh an authority and yuh face still draw on up? You twig out yet what the PNM has done to revive the water supply? Later Redman, maybe you are the exception. You would not be a good business darbies if you did not do that.

But the learning of incompetence and coruption is so prevalent in WASA that it overshadows the few straightforward ones.

Ferreira e wada corporate mobility in latin america

And this education is in yr all the time in the form of WASA's employees, executives, consultants and contractors. And billions of taxpayers funds was used to fund WASA since its existence. Meanwhile, decades upon decades customary citizens paying thin out rates for qualify they not getting, and have to resort to beggin, protesting or buying water.

It is unfortunate the occasional genuine folks come caught in it.

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I disagree, it is not lazy and hypocritical to affirm "is PNM fault" and "Manning tief out de money". That is the truth which hitting us in our face common. Is ah wholesome thing "Evidence of Running yuh mouth" cyar stand up in Court. Salty, Im sorry but its not a political thing- You thinK CL Monetary is the co in Tdad that funning secretive to the bourn It was not a bastion of the un open, WASA is a product of a system that has not been modified to keep up with the term.

So a easy outdated system provides cracks and expanse for a latest and more complex world.

WASA is a symptom. The problem we force with maintenance of our buildings and capital infrastructure is the same thing- lef it so That ship in the harbour on its side,the cars in the police officers car park crosswise from traffic brance,all them cars about the police stations etc are all read more that we doing some things misuse. Light you getting them figures or we have to go by your word.

Like is only me that does post up. I think you should leave my mouth alone. I enjoy running it. I lookng destined for a link to the soca monach going on, you have any. Pickle This is the link but it sticking. Later Redmam, I can harmonize with most of what you said and I am not suggesting replacement of employees neither am I naive to think that such a tremendous problem can be solved in a disjointed manner.


But I believe it is the PNM's accountability because they old all these maintain instituutions as personal fiefdoms to pass on money and patronage to their supporters. No fulfilment, incompetence, wastage, corruption, no accountability became the normal method of doing occupation.

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